I Have A Problem With Wad Install Ticket Error

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    Sometimes your system may give you an error message stating that a Wad installation ticket error has occurred. There can be several reasons for this problem.


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    wad installer ticket error

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    wad installer ticket error

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    I followed this tutorial last night and got the same error as you:

    Some joker advised me to follow the instructions in this vieweo to solve THIS:

    FOR THOSE WHO HAVE PROBLEMS INSTALLING WADS AFTER INSTALLING MULTI MOD MANAGER BECAUSE YOU CAN’T CHOOSE IOS 249 AS EVERYONE SAYS. . . YOU DO. If you get “Ticket Error (-2011) – 1 is not ideal” and you can’t access Select 249 as IOS, just go to the Tech James video on d2x-cIOS (same channel) and run the program step. scene. [Also erase everything else on the SD card/USB. You don’t have to.] It’s only 4 seconds and it’s pretty easy to follow. What happens is the two forty-nine IOS you want to select that are already installed on your Xbox 360 (if highlighted in yellow). A stub “or state that doesn’t work”. multimod manager, nintendo, etc. This will reinstall a working version of 249 for you. But it’s important to follow James’ steps to make sure you’re actually downloading 249 on your system and not some other IOS that offers it. So 1. Watch this video. 2. Watch the “Other James” video on d2x-cIOS. 3. After the fandom tries both videos again, select 249, keeping in mind that this time everything should work without problems. You must practiceyou should be able to select it at this stage. 4. Now you can start importing VK games. 🙂 I will clear the situation and there will be no more puffs. You are invited. (>’-‘)>

    I haven’t tried it yet, hope it works. Let me know!

    1. Matthew

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    2. Buff222Member

      6. June 2009
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      Hello, I’m new
      I just delivered and installed homebrew org hack on 4.0e and when i add hbc.wad, it pops up and ERROR! = (ret-2011) please help

    3. MatthewPermanent Member

      24. September 2005
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      Thought I unsubscribed to start this thread.

      -2011 means you are trying to install something with great iOS that has been patched, mainly by Nintendo, so that it doesn’t suffer from Trucha.

      Trucha has been fixed in almost all IOS since October 23 version 3.3
      4. Add invalid IOS16 to heap 0.

      Just follow, I would say, the guide, which is the first detailed topic in this section of the Wii forum.
      Also note what is said about the LU64 and LU65 Wii.

      Edit: Also -2011 happens when the wad area is different.

      I’m curious why you might be trying to use hbc.wad which can set home Shielded channel if you use all methods (that homegrown hack you’re talking about, and I hope it’s a Bannerbomb). Installing and testing the hbc.wad file can only be used to control the Hackmii installer.

      Edit: I can clearly see that you are trying to attach hbc.wad
      My guess is that you just haven’t followed all the steps in the guide so far.

      Latest edition: June 6, 2009

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    5. 1. Download ASR Pro and install it on your computer
    6. 2. Launch the program and click "Scan"
    7. 3. Click "Repair" to fix any issues that are found

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