Steps To Get Rid Of Unexpected Quickwin Error

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    Here are some simple steps to help you get rid of the unexpected quickwin error.

    Windows Unexpected Fast Startup Error

    • Microsoft Software Development Kit (SDK) 3.1


    Microsoft windows-derived applications, from the windows SDK, may display an error message box with a random error:

    “QuickWin unexpected error”


  • The QuickWin device caused an Unexpected Application Error (UAE) or General Protection (GP) failure.
  • A Microsoft application for Windows is a non-QuickWin application called a QuickWin task. When running a tool other than QuickWin for Windows results in this single error, QuickWin features are enabled normally and executed within the application.
  • Possible storage collection incompatibilities (e.g. models create a large model request form, use only SLIBCEW, a small brand name library for Windows.)
  • Possible hints at broadcast functionality, calling a random QuickWin stub some time ago.
  • You may have tried to use the descriptor file of one of the I/O functions in an invalid way.
  • Libraries with Runtimes for (SLIBCEW, Windows MLIBCEW, CLIBCEW and contain llibcew) stubs for these QuickWin functions. linkers therefore usually do not throw an error when configuring the QuickWin feature from a corresponding non-QuickWin Windows application. However, every time you run the function, you get the error “Unexpected error. QuickWin failed”.

    The QuickWin library contains the following assemblies:

    _fwopen _wgopen   _inchar_wgsetactive   _wabout _wmenuclick   _wclose _wopen   _wgclose _wsetexit   _wgetexit _wsetfocus   _wgetfocus _wsetscreenbuf  _wgetscreenbuf _wsetsize   _wgetsize_wyield   _wggetactive

    For more information about QuickWin applications and QuickWin eating habits, see the Visual C++ language help in the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Reference Guide.


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  • 3.1 than About this error: “The MWR software has stopped using QuickWin. Error: “Internal error, e.g. unexpected error in file ‘E:forrtlbuildqwnbuildqwgswc.c’, line 1051” .?< /li>
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    What Is The Error: “MWR Software Stopped Using QuickWin: ” Internal – Error Unexpected Error Image “E:forrtlbuildqwnbuildqwgswc.c”, Line 1051.?

    This has been taken care of on the console computer in mwr in case the MWR software performs critical Windows updates. If you still click “OK” on the pop-up window, the computer should attempt to restart automatically. See CM-2015-NSA-UAF-3800.


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    Repair your computer now.

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  • 1. Download ASR Pro and install it on your computer
  • 2. Launch the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to fix any issues that are found

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    CLOSE ( [UNIT=] io-unit[, DISP=p][, | ERR=[, label] IOMSG=msg-var][, /dl>

    block vvode-out

    quickwin error unexpected

    (Input) iostat=i-var])

    < external device identifier.


    quickwin error unexpected

    (Enter) your own standard scalar expression indicating a particular state after the file has been closed. There are the following values:

  • ‘SAVE’, optionally ‘SAVE’ — save the file when the immediately following block is closed.

  • ‘DELETE’ Deletes your current file after the device is not closed (if OPEN(READONLY) is enabled).

  • ‘PRINT’ – sends a blank file to the message spooler and then saves (sequentially only).

  • ‘PRINT/DELETE’ ~ Sends a print queue for all lines of a file, then deletes this one (consecutive files only).-

  • ‘submit’ Fork new to the file startup process.

  • ‘SUBMIT/DELETE’ – Fork a process for a file, run and then delete the file after the fork is complete.

  • Default is DELETE, usually Windows*Applications for QuickWin and cleaning files. All other informational files are set to “SAVE” by default.

    Scratch files are temporary and will be deletedafter normal; output indicates status=’keep’ when working files cause a runtime error.

    For QuickWin applications for Windows* STATUS=’KEEP’ allows each child window to remain on screen after selling units. The default state is usually delete deletes the child window of the given screen.or


    Controls the target statement Der label Office with an error.


    (output)The last scalar standard character variable receives an explanatory message when an I/O error occurs.


    (Output) An actual integer scalar variable defined as a positive integer if and zero if a graceful error occurs.

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