Troubleshooting And Fixing Printer Link Location In Windows Vista

Recently, some of our users encountered a known bug where the save location contained a link to a printer in windows Vista. This problem can occur for several reasons. Now we will discuss them.

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    in windows vista which location contains the printer link

    Windows and Vista, where is the link to the printer usually found?Vein. start menuB. Optional printer and faxC. Equipment and soundD. Customization Appearance

    In Windows Vista and hardware, the sound includes a link to the printer.


    In Windows Vista, hardware and sound consisted of a printer shortcut.

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    All operating systems Microsoft Windows, Windows Vista require different drivers for hardware to run including printers. By default, Vista ships with hundreds, just in case, not thousands of drivers, all of which are reserved for the drive where Windows is installed. However, when you turn on a new printer on your computer, Vista prompts you to install a working driver or use an existing one. It can automatically search for available drivers, but there are times whenWe need to find the owner of the car manually. To find the driver, you need to find the location of the hard disk using the device manager utility.

    Press Click the “System and Maintenance” icon on the control panel door to open the “System and Maintenance Window”.

    Click on the little “+” icon when you see the new “Ports (COM LPT)” node and choose who can expand it.


    Click on Printer Port (LPT1) and select Properties from the menu that appears.

    Typically, click the Driver Details button, and the Driver Details file window will appear.
    in windows vista which location contains the printer link


    To find out the location of the complete printer driver yourself, see the driver package files, which is usually located in C:WindowsSystem32DRIVERS.

    Every time you connect a particular printer to your computer, the idea becomes available to everyone who uses your computer. However, it is also possible to sell your other printer to desktop and home computers so that everyone can quickly print to the printer. This guide assumes that you currently havelocal area network (our windows network is Vista). A longer guide will cover all topics in detail). Windows Vista makes printer sharing over a good wired or wireless network extremely fast; the information explains how to do it.

    This tutorial shows you how to share a printer on your network, whether it’s a wired network, a combination of wireless networks, or a wired and wireless network. The printer sharing feature in Windows no longer vista is bug-free. and Computers printers look different than in the “network” setting.

    Before you continue, you may need to make sure that inkjet printer sharing is enabled on your device: your Windows Vista does not allow printer sharing by default on the network for security reasons. If you’re not sure if someone turned printer sharing on or off, see the quick guide to turning printer sharing on or off.

    Share This Printer On The Network

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  • To quickly access the Printer Directory, which displays all localprinting devices, network printers and printer drivers present in Windows Vista, click this start menu, type printers and press Enter< /kbd>.

    Windows Vista opens Windows Explorer with a complete list of printing devices currently available on the system, with the default printer displayed with a green check next to each icon.

    If you are using the classic Windows Vista start menu, select Settings > Startup > Control Panel > Printers.

    Definitely Select A Printer In Alt="Share Share

    In the list of machines detected by Windows Vista, find which machine you want to share with others when printing to help. Right - click the printer you want to connect to and network, select Share.

    Windows Vista will open the printer properties window with the Auto Sharing tab you've captured. By default, all of the shared "Share this printer" checkboxes are unchecked (i.e., no printer has been previously shared with you without your initial permission).

    Check the "Share this manufacturer" checkbox ", and multi-printer sharing settings that were specifically disabled are now enabled.

    Note. If you are not running as a vista close to "Administrator", Windows may ask you for a password or some kind of confirmation when you check "Share this printer": this is very common, accept and proceed.

    After each printer has been designated as a referenced network printer, Windows Vista will prompt your organization for a printer name that will be automatically used with the current printer name: leave the name as it is or start typing a different name that may be longer. hangouts value the type of other users on your network, prefer "home printer" or "large retail printer, etc." Just to make sure people on your network know immediately which printer the name you choose belongs to: name them specifically to see the printer you are currently sharing on the network.

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