How To Fix Youtube-dl Just Working On Windows

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    If you know how to run youtube-dl on Windows on your system, we hope this guide will help you solve this problem. Go to https://youtube-dl.then org/, click on the middle link (ending in .exe). Windows open command step Press ⊞ Win + r type cmd and force ↵ Enter . Navigate to the file where you downloaded Youtube-dl.A.

    How do I know if youtube-dl is installed?

    Using pip is another way to install youtube-dl as shown on the official youtube-dl site and the –upgrade option which ensures you get the latest installed version bundled. To find out where youtube-dl was installed, you can use the pip3 youtube-dl show guide here (see also here).

    Youtube-DL is an often great little program that, unfortunately, allows you to download videos from almost every major video site on the Internet. This guide shows you how to install, download, configure and use Youtube-DL for Windows. Knowledge < /p>


  • The basics of opening and using the command line
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
  • Install YouTube DL

    How do you use YT dl?

    The easiest way is to use youtube-dl to pass the URL of the hi5 video. Navigate to which video you want to watch again on YouTube. Select the URL text in the address bar and print it to the clipboard with helpannoying Ctrl C+. If the first URL contains “&” (for example, a playlist), copy the URL of just that one before the & character.

    how to run youtube-dl in windows

    Let’s start by downloading the installer and Youtube DL. Go to the Releases page of the Youtube-DL Github repository. down, scroll down you will find a list of assets, click on the file called “youtube-dl.exe” – start downloading Youtube-DL. Can you copy the file to any location other than System32. I recommend creating almost every single folder for Youtube-DL only as it makes it easier to set up Youtube-DL later. For this article, I have uploaded the containing file, D:ProgramsOther ProgramsYoutube-DL.

    After downloading Youtube-DL, you probably noticed that when you try to launch the program by double-clicking onyou don’t get anything from her. This Youtube-DL is a command line utility, the device can only be used through a command line interface such as command line.

    However, if you open a command line and try to use the youtube-dl command, you will still get an error saying that the command is not recognized. Actually, to run Youtube- DL you may need them by adding them either to your computer’s From path or to cd in the directory where you downloaded Youtube-DL.

    Add YouTube DL To PATH (recommended)

    By adding To youtube-dl to your PATH, you will be able to run the youtube-dl command from any CLI, such as Command Prompt or PowerShell, without having to cd< run /code> first in directory where buyers installed Youtube-DL.

    1. Copy the complete method from the installation location and Youtube status DL. You can see the full steps by navigating in Windows Explorer to where you purchased Youtube DL, clicking on the address bar and playing back the text. Do not include this .exe in the path, should only include (e.g. directories. For example, for d:programsother, programsyoutube-dl, howeverstrange, instead of D:ProgramsOther Youtube-dlyoutube-dl programs.exe)

    2. Open environment variables. Open the system Properties menu by pressing win+r and typing systempropertiesadvanced accordingly. In the menu, often the button is clicked "Environment Variables...".

    3. Select the Path element: you can add user or system PATH to youtube-dl. If you add it to the system PATH, any user can run the youtube-dl command without running cd in the installation directory, while the PC operator simply applies PATH to the authorized current user. Note that the configuration in the PATH of the body requires administrator rights and that youtube-dl.exe cannot be located in the location specified (in the example on the user, desktop, or in My Documents). For my learning, I use the PATH gadget.

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  • 2. Launch the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to fix any issues that are found

  • If you want to add a user to the PATH element, first scroll through the list of variables until you find a variable named Path. Double click on it to open this editor.

    If you want to add it to make sure you have the path, system scroll through our custom second variable list until the client findspath called. Double click it to open Notepad.

    There may already be software on the way. Never delete existing entries. They are most likely reset by the company or Windows, and removing these pets can cause programs to stop working and even Windows to not start.

    < figcaption>A list of user and system variables on the left and an editor for the system PATH type on the right

    4 to. You add the youtube DL install path, which can be path. When the variable editor is responsive and your youtube DL installation path is completely on the clipboard, click to the right of this new control editor. Will create a concurrent entry at the end of this variable. Paste youtube-dl-how-to then "OK" click on media to save changes.

    5. Try it! - After adding Youtube-DL to your path you will be able to launch a new command line window and run youtube-dl. You can now proceed to the "Installing FFmpeg" section to proceed with the actual installation!

    How do I use youtube-dl and ffmpeg?

    create a root directory on your desktop or anywhere else you choose. Get a copy of youtube-dl.exe and copy your existing file into a directory.Create a new article file and rename it Download.freshGet a copy of FFmpeg, the latest version for your Windows architecture. Exclusivestage (optional)Your directory should now look like this.

    If "you are still getting the error that youtube-dl is not recognized, do the following:

  • Reboot your computer to force update of PATH.Que
  • Check that the path to Youtube-DL is correct. Check that there is no youtube-dl.exe.
  • file in the path

  • If your family has added Youtube-DL to the system, try adding it to the user's PATH (and vice versa).
  • Typically, in the PATH editor, select the Youtube message and try to move it up or down in the PATH information list using the Up and Down buttons.
  • how to run youtube-dl in windows

    And if you still can't get it to work, you can leave this comment at the end of a particular article to find someone who will definitely help you.

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