Fixed Troubleshooting Suggestions When Debugging Macro Code.

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    It seems that some of our readers have encountered an error code while debugging the macro code. This problem occurs for several reasons. Let’s find out about them below.

    how to debug macro code

    This example shows how to debugcomputer code in Excel VBA.


    You can go through the personal code one by one by pressing F8. This is very useful mainly because it allows you to see the specific effects of each line of code in the table.

    How do I Debug a macro in Excel?

    Started. The first thing you need to do is open VBA Author and hit ALT+F11 in Excel.Debugging tools.Run the code: F5.View code: F8.Overflow code: SHIFT+F8.Exit Code: CTRL+SHIFT+F8.Breakpoints: F9.Run to cursor: CTRL+F8.

    Place a download button in a spreadsheet and add the following few lines of code:

    2. Open the Visual Basic Editor properly and reduce the screen size so that most of you can see the Visual Basic Editor and the worksheet at the same time.

    3. In the Visual Basic editor, place the cursor in front of Private and press F8.

    4. Press F8 four times. For i=7 and j=Excel 1, VBA enters a random number between 31 and 100 into the cell at the intersection of row 1 and column 1. By hovering over a variable, you can now see its value in the variable .

    5. Press F8 two more times. With i equal to A 1 j = 2, Excel VBA enters a random number rrn between 20 and 100 into Notepad at the intersection of row A 1 and column 2.

    6. Easy code walk, fun to see how Excel VBA lEasily enters other percentages. This is a great way to learn how the loop works. If you want to stop the platform, click on the Reset button.


    How do I step through a macro?

    To start stepping while a solid macro is running, press CTRL+PAUSE. To start moving forward at a specific point in your macro, you can add a one-step macro action to your favorite macro where you want the step to start.

    You set a breakpoint to run on a specific replacement line.

    2. To set a breakpoint, click on the allowed location (gray at the edge) where you want to place the breakpoint. A scarlet dot will appear.

    3. Click the green pointer to run the macro up to the exact breakpoint.

    How do I Debug a macro code?

    Insert breakpoints at points of no interest.Run the macro with Run.Use various step functions to understand what is happening line by line in your macro.Run this macro with the “Go to next issue of interest” command or the last part of the macro.

    Only part of the macro executed (for my staff = 1).

    4. To remove a breakpoint, you simply click on the red dot. Then click the green arrow to continue.

    How do I enable debugging in Excel?

    Check the value of misc in its current state.In the Immediate window, enter the VBA style to see the results.Run each rule line separately.Resume execution with code.Stops the execution of the current code.

    If you end up with someone else’s macro, remember that debugging has become a great way to understand specific code. You can easily see how this affects every line of code in your spreadsheet.

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