Best Way To Remove Adobe Field Error 80020009

Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have reported Adobe field error 80020009.

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    This article will help you deal with error 80020009 when retrieving data from SQL Server.


    The corresponding error occurs when accessing a recordset in the Active Pages server (ASP) catalog that contains Text or Blob source data from an SQL table containing:

    Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Driver “80020009”


    adodb field error 80020009

    Text/BLOB error fields are selected in a separate order before other types of field references.


    If you are working with Microsoft Server, sql BLOB fields, you must place these elements to the right of the non-BLOB records in the result set. Of course, you should also read messages from left to right. So, if users have two BLOB columns, since those last two columns exist in result set one, read one first, and this time read the second. You don’t read the steps in reverse order.

    To illustrate the correct checkbox order, create a new ASP page in the appropriate Visual InterDev project and frequentlyPaste the following code into a blank ASP page. Change the connection string when connecting to your SQL server:

     <%@Language=VBScript  %>              <%             Set cn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.connection")           Urs Set = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")'Open connection.             cn."dsn=yoursystemdsn;Username=;PWD=;database=pubs;"                "Open a new entry.            'Note that the blob field, now pr_info, is the last field in the select field.          rs.Open "select for pr_info pub_id, from pub_info", cn            Although not rs.EOF            Reply. Write "


    " & rs("pr_info") Response.Write "
    adodb field error 80020009

    This was PR information for PubID" & rs("pub_id") Rs.MoveNext turn %>


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  • 2. Launch the program and click "Scan"
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  • This document was created by design. However, this is absolutely not the case when using mdac 2.1 or sp2 with SQL driver later than 3 dem.7 or later for the server.

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    SQL often times the server resends data over the network and the client part essentially receives the data related to the bits of the stream read sequentially across the network.ty. Hint-related (i.e. values ​​may be duplicated and/or cached locally in buffers), the driver pushes data from those columns into buffers. When the data is in local buffers, you can read the data in any order. So you can read the result in columns in order, either as long as all columns are perfectly safe (no blobs).

    When BLOB columns are included, the total column length can exceed 2 gigabytes, Access knowledge libraries typically do not associate user columns because the driver often cannot determine the exact size of the BLOB until the . Also, data discovery libraries generally avoid caching BLOB reports because it is memory intensive and can both cache data in the data access library and be inefficient in your application. When I would say that a data access driver is being queried for the returned content of a BLOB column, it will usually remove the unrelated hints that precede the requested smile BLOB because it needs to be serialized to getth data stream before it can check the requested column. . Thus, it is generally more efficient to read the user’s result set from left to right, since that is how the data is retrieved.

    It might not be much better to work with a column of text. Because SQL Server allocates memory in 2K chunks, using text-only columns can result in memory overhead when the text is short. The backup time is also highly dependent as it is used to back up the transaction log. It’s often better to create another table containing the PK of your existing table, a mobile phone number column, and a varchar(255) smiley. text Divide into as many character blocks as you need and place them in as many rows of the new table as there are blocks. It’s usually worth coding the extra hours of work, as you use better disk space and get much faster backups. minutes

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  • Before editing this code, be sure to replace username> username= with the correct values. Make sure the user ID has the necessary permissions to help you perform this capture operation.

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